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19 Nights 20 Days 30 Oct
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance, and breakfast buffet.
  • Includes arrival transfer Includes departure transfer
  • Excursion: Visit the Peterhof Palace in S. Petersbourg, Kolomenskoye (Traditional Russian wedding ceremony) in Moscow.
  • Boat: Sogner Fjord, To the Islands of Suomenlinna in Helsinki.
  • City tour in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Tver, Suzdal, Moscow.
  • Ticket admission: Peterhof Palace and Gardens in S. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress and Hermitage Museum in S. Petersbourg, Kremlin in Novgorod, Monastery on the island of Valday, Monastery and factory of Matrioskas of Suzdal, Kremlin and its Principal Cathedrals in Moscow.
  • Ferry: Dinamarca - Noruega, Estocolmo (Sweden) / Turku (Finland), Helsinki (Finland) / Tallin (Estonia).
  • Funicular: Mount Floyen.
  • 6 Lunch or Dinner Included in: Narva, Novgorod, Tver, Sergei Posad, Suzdal.
What makes this tour special
  • The terraces of Nyhavn.
  • 'Swords in Rock' monument.
  • A funicular trip to Mount Fløyen.
  • Borgund’s 12th-century medieval church.
  • Stockholm
  • Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
  • Saint Petersburg

Day 1: (Wednesday) Copenhagen

Today's Highlights: Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.
Reception. Transfer to hotel and free time. You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon, or you can check the informative panels in the hotel reception area. 

Day 2: (Thursday) Copenhagen - Odense- Aarhus

In the morning, comprehensive tour of the Danish capital with a local guide. Copenhagen is the largest Scandinavian city, and full of contrasts: the popular “Tivoli”, Christianborg Palace, the terraces of Nyhavn, the Mermaid.
In the afternoon we travel to Jutland, passing through pleasant scenery on our way. En route we take a 20km bridge over the sea and stop at Odense, where we can visit its gothic cathedral and the house of Andersen. Arrival at Aarhus, accommodation.

Day 3: (Friday) Arhus - Kristiansand - Flekkefjord - Stavanger

We will travel to Hirtshals where we will take a ferryboat to Norway crossing the North Sea. A three-hour voyage to Kristiansand. We will go along Norway’s southern coastline and enjoy its gorgeous landscapes. We will stop in a picturesque small town called Stavanger, a beautiful town that has an active port by the fjord.
Note: ferryboat operation hours vary depending on the months. Some time is normally reserved to have lunch on the boat.

Day 4: (Saturday) Stavanger - Bergen

On leaving the city, we will stop at the ¨Swords in Rock¨ monument, where we will remember the Vikings before continuing on the very beautiful scenic tour. We will follow the route going through tunnels, bridges and travel some stretches by boat to go along the fjord coast of Norway. One of its undersea tunnels is the deepest one in the world. This stage gets more relaxed and spectacular with its two boat trips. Arrival in Bergen at lunchtime. We include a funicular trip to Mount Fløyen which offers amazing vistas of the town and Bergen fjord. There will be some free time later to enjoy the capitol city of fjords.

Day 5: (Sunday) Bergen - Oslo

Landscapes are still fantastic on this day: images of Norway’s interior region – fjords, glaciers, lakes and forests. We will travel to Sognefjord, Norway’s largest fjord. Prior to arrival, we will stop at the beautiful Tvindefossen waterfall. We will go on a magnificent cruise between the cities of Gudvangen and Flam; fantastic landscapes during this two-hour voyage. We will continue our journey crossing magnificent snow-covered landscapes. We will go under the Lærdal Tunnel, one of the longest in the world. Visit Borgund’s 12th-century wooden church which is considered Norway’s best preserved medieval church. Arrival in Oslo. Free time. Check out its port, main streets, and the artworks at Frognerparken.

Day 6: (Monday) Oslo - Orebro- Stockholm

We will spend some time in OSLO before departing for Sweden. Landscapes with forests and lakes. Stop Orebro,  town next to a beautiful lake with a castle and charming historic centre. Time for stroll and lunch. Arrival in Stockholm in the evening.  

Day 7: (Tuesday) Stockholm

Sightseeing tour of this gorgeous capital city built on 13 interconnected islands. Water is everywhere.  We will visit Gamla Stand or the ¨City between the Bridges¨, Stockholm’s Old Town full of life where many of the monumental buildings are located such as the Nobel Museum, located next to Stortorget main square, which pays tribute to the winners of the Nobel Prizes, the Cathedral or the Royal Palace. When possible we can have a nice view from the Fjällgatan viewpoint. Free time. We recommend visiting its museums and parks. We also recommend visiting the Town Hall and the Vasa ship museum.

Day 8: (Wednesday) Stockholm- Ferry Boarding

Free day in Stockholm. In the evening we will board a modern ferry, overnight accommodation in double cabins with private bathroom to go to Finland.

Day 9: (Thursday) Turku - Naantali - Helsinki

We recommend you to go to the ship deck at sunrise; we arrive in Finland by sailing along Aland Islands, contemplating hundreds of islands covered by forests. We shall see mesmerizing landscapes from the sea. Disembarkation and time to walk around Turku, a city with a very strong Swedish influence. We continue our journey to the neighbouring city of Naantali, very picturesque town of wooden houses next to the sea. We will later arrive in Helsinki, time for lunch. Free afternoon, you will be able to get to know this city, with its old market, the Russian influence in its buildings and churches.

Day 10: (Friday) Helsinki - Tallinn

We include a boat trip (regular line water local transport) to Suomenlinna Islands, - six islands where we highlight a great fortress that used to protect the sea entry to the city and was declared World Heritage - Time to stroll around (we will be able to cross island through its small pedestrian bridges). Later we shall board a ferry to Estonia; Ferry trip of around 2h30 duration; we suggest to admire the departure from Helsinki and the surrounding islands. Arrival to Tallinn

Day 11: (Saturday) Tallinn

The capital of Estonia is a wonderful city with a well-conserved medieval centre. A comprehensive tour of the city, its walls, churches, squares, and its mediaeval streets filled with tourist attractions.  Free afternoon. 

Day 12: (Sunday) Tallin - Narva - Saint Petersburg

Today we leave Estonia and travel to Russia. We stop in Narva with time to see the impressive fortress by the river, on the border between the two countries. Border procedures (which can sometimes take time), lunch included once in Russia. We go on to St Petersburg. Arrival at the hotel.

Day 13: (Monday) St. Petersburg

With a local guide, we begin the panoramic visit of this beautiful city crossed by the Neva River and built on 40 islands. Saint Petersburg is the second most important city of Russia and capital of the Russian Empire between the s. XVIII and XIX. This imperial city reveals the history of the Russian tsars through its museums, palaces, and architectural wealth. The visit includes the Peter and Paul Fortress, origin of the city (entrance included). After the visit, afternoon free.
Important Note: From June 14 to July 15 the Soccer World Cup is celebrated. During this period, accommodation in St. Petersburg could be offered in hotels located in nearby cities, adapting the program to carry out all the planned visits.

Day 14: (Tuesday) San Petersburg

The city with that was the capital of the Russia of the Tsars is surrounded by numerous palaces. Today we include the excursion (tour with guide and tickets) to the Peterhof Palace which is known as the “Russian Versailles” and is around 30 km from St Petersburg. This complex of Baroque palaces, which was the residence of the Tsars, with magnificent fountains and enormous gardens has been declared UNESCO Heritage of Mankind.
We return to St Petersburg to visit the Hermitage Museum, a fantastic art museum located in the building that was the Tsars’ Winter Palace (visit with guide and tickets).

Day 15: (Wednesday) St. Petersburg- Novgorod- Valday- Tver

We travel to Novgorod, an exciting city that was one of Russia’s most important political and cultural centres. We will visit (with guide and tickets included) its Kremlin, the former market district, the court of Yaroslav. Lunch included. We go on our way to Valday, a picturesque little city by a lake. We will visit an ancient monastery on the island in the lake before going on to Tver. Dinner included.

Day 16: (Thursday)Tver- Sergei Posad-Suzdal

A stroll in Tver, a city on the banks of the Volga River that was the centre of a small State that was Moscow’s main rival. After this, we will see some of the cities of the Golden Ring. A brief stop in Klin where we find the house of the brilliant composer Tchaikovsky. Then we carry on to Sergiev Posad, we see the Monastery of the Trinity, considered Russia’s most important spiritual centre. Lunch included. 
In the afternoon, we travel along small roads that pass through historical cities of the Golden Ring: Aleksandrov  (with its Kremlin dedicated to Ivan the Terrible) and Yuryev Polskiy, a small provincial city with its historical Kremlin. Our route continues to Suzdal, where we will visit the Wooden Architecture Museum, which illustrates the former peasant life with houses built of trunks, their mills and the Church of the Transfiguration. Dinner included during which a folkloric group will accompany us with the sound of balalaikas (not included if there are fewer than 15 participants in the group). 

Day 17: (Friday) Suzdal- Vladimir- Moscow

In the morning we will see how the famous Matriuska dolls are made and painted, and we will encourage you to learn how to paint them. Then we visit Suzdal, which for many is the most beautiful of the cities of the Golden Ring with its canals, its flowers, the domes on the horizon, which give the city a fairytale-like appearance. We visit the city with a local guide and tickets included: the Kremlin, the cathedral. At the Monastery of St Eugen, we will hear the bell concert. Lunch included. After this, we travel to Vladimir, where we visit the majestic Cathedral of the Assumption. Then we go on to Moscow, where we arrive at the end of the afternoon.

Day 18: (Saturday) Moscow

We will start our day with an exciting visit to Russia’s huge capital city. This city unites past, present and future in a very unique way. We will go along their immense avenues, their elegant shopping areas, the Red Square where Lenin’s Mausoleum is, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. We include a ticket to the Kremlim with a visit to two of its main cathedrals. We will try (not guaranteed) to coincide with the ceremonial military parade in Sobornaya Square. Free afternoon.
NB: The World Cup will be held from 14 June to 15 July. At this time, accommodation in Moscow may be in hotels located in nearby cities and the programme may be adapted to cover all the visits planned. 

Day 19: (Sunday) Moscow

In order to admire Russia’s soul, we include a morning tour of Kolomenskoye, an estate that formerly belonged to the tsars. We will attend a traditional Russian wedding ceremony there. On our way there, we will stop at Moscow university’s lookout which has a fantastic vista of the city, a place where newlyweds leave flowers (the lookout may also be visited during Saturday’s visit). Free afternoon.

Day 20: (Monday) Moscow

After breakfast, transfer to the airport and end of our services.